Inertia or Life?

I find that there's a special lyricism to inert objects, one that is becoming harder to find in people.

The bleached wall of a hundred-year-old house, overlooking a lush garden revealing a rusting tin can half-sunken in a pile of decaying leaves under a massive oak tree in which sits a creaking tree-house held by nails that have become part of the tree's sap.

A pipe that sits at 4m in the air in front of an old house and that was once linked to a bathroom that now vanished.

That car from the 50's that doesn't belong to anyone and has become part of the scenery while also being home to small rodents and birds.

A tire sitting on the edge of a beach in which small plants have grown protected by the alien form.
The list is so long...

What has become of people who lost uniqueness, who transformed into cheap reproductions wearing the same clothes, eating the same food, conforming to the same trends, who became sheep of the same herd?

Is it sad that sometimes I find peace looking at inert objects/organisms and imagining what they may have "witnessed"?

Fakery suffocates me, it's everywhere.

Fight fakery,
be your true self,
appreciate inertia around you
& drink water while it lasts.

Selected photos - © Samah El Hakim - 2005