You Cannot

You cannot remain indifferent & be irresponsible facing all the atrocities that happen in our world daily:
  1. You cannot throw half of your 20$-worth-platter when millions are starving and specifically someone in your neighborhood.
  2. You cannot throw a can/paper/trash bag and leave it on the ground because you are in a hurry and missed the trash bin.
  3. You cannot open the water tap for 5mns while brushing your teeth while millions have no access to drinking water / or have no teeth left for that matter.
  4. You cannot buy more than you need, spend more than you earn or throw more than you give.
  5. You cannot retreat to your safety bubble and think it will last forever, because it surely won't my friend.
I say "cannot" knowing that we are doing all of the above and more.
I surely am a long way from being the illuminated & the ultimate savior of the planet, I just write, am conscious of what is happening around me on all sides and feel responsible while trying to act no matter how insignificant any action I do might seem relatively to the vastness of the world.

What if, just imagine with me, every one of us does insignificant actions on a daily basis?
I say it will all build-up into something significant following this simple example:

(1 insignificant 10 kg monthly plastic collection
 + taken to the recycling plant)
100 households (as insignificant as my action)
1000Kg of plastic waste going to recycling


It doesn't cost to be involved, to engage, to act, to live, to feel the wind on your face and the people around you, to have compassion, to be responsible and to be conscious.

It would be sad to have another species write one day: "... and due to their indifference and lack of responsibility, the humans got extinct."

The Earth is ours, the solution is us and the worse is yet to come.

Drink water... while it lasts.