Questions Of The Heart

The following is a series of questions
noted during a discussion with a well-known heart:

* Why is it that some people totally are insensitive
to this energy that I diffuse?

* Why do some people think a zillion times before saying or doing
something that might hurt someone while others
would stomp over anyone to get something done or heard?

* What's that thin line between delicate senses and savage actions?

* Why are some people cursed with the heightened delicate senses?

* Why am I an illiterate?

* How can I find that part I lost at Life's beach so so long ago?

* What if I stopped beating?

* Why am I so complex while engineered to do the most basic task?

* When can I have a break?

Then, this heart stopped asking questions.
It was nighttime.
I never heard him speak ever again since...