And now?

I always have this recurring thought:

Whatever you do, say, hear, buy, eat, see, smell, try, smoke,
want, kill, build, learn, throw, destroy, share, play, etc...

Whoever you love, kill, help, do, destroy, hear, miss,
want, meet, forgive, forget, hurt, adore, etc...

You end up dying.
No, no wait, I'm not that pessimist, read on please.

But then another thought takes form:

Anything's worth doing, saying, hearing, buying, eating, seeing, trying, smoking, wanting, killing, building, throwing, destroying, sharing, playing, et cetering...
Anyone's worth loving, killing, helping, doing, destroying, hearing, missing, wanting, meeting, forgiving, forgetting, hurting, adoring, et cetering...

It is all intricately linked to the present, the moment you are in and ready to take any of the above. That fragment of eternity will never be again, while in it, take whatever action, now.

This surely needs exercise, trials, experiences, but you'll end up "and-nowing" pretty well :)

"And then?" is not the question, "and now?" is the new question to be asked.

So no matter what happens, instead of letting the first thought win you over... keep on reading.