Life & Vegetables

I witnessed something at the beginning of last week
but left the idea to brew in my head till today to write about it.

After a long day, I was heading home on what we call "the seaside road"
where you can live traffic in its pure form from 7-10 am/ 5-8 pm.
The traffic was kinda low but there was something jamming the road in its middle (where usually nothing out of the ordinary happens with only factories on both sides of the road).
"There seems to be a fucking accident.." I thought.

As I was passing the jam spot (due to over-Lebanese-curiosity of course)
I witnessed, for the first time in my life, a dead man on the road.

One glance sufficed me.

He was lying there, old, face literally splashed on the tarmac and next to him,around 3m away, a nylon bag with vegetables in it.

For 5 mns I was in a coma.

Then I realized what I had seen and thought about the fragility of life in this surreal scene.

Amine going home trying to cross the "seaside road" when a car hit him.
It sent him flying 2m away, where he landed on his face, motionless.
The bag of vegetables was still in the air, rotating, gloriously and lights shone from the skies as it landed gracefully next to the corpse.
Fade out

In a split second, a life was wasted and a"vegetables-bag" made it.