About life, surprises, doves and eyes, recently.

Surprises occur at the most surprising moments in your life.

What a total waste of space with that first sentence.
You're still reading!?

Seriously now.

Life's surprises are nice, especially when they lead to meeting new people.
New people are also nice to meet especially when they make you feel a certain connection with them, whatever its nature and vibes: respect, care, joy, laughter, love, serenity, etc...

Most of our relationships with people surrounding us
have become emotionless, work-centered, self-centered, shallow, etc...
All in all: fake.
That's what I've noticed.

I try hardly to achieve the contrary of that:
to have deep meaningful and true human interaction with all the people I meet.
Of course in most cases I hit the "fake wall" and change direction.

Then again, when I find a certain warmth among all these cold walls,
I hang on to it and care for it, as I know it will last and be here no matter
how long I roam till I get back to meet it again.

Warmth is these eyes with white doves in them, faces radiant like the sun beneath all the tired organs, voices that warm your soul and touches that make you feel lighter.

To happiness...

Boa Sorte.