The End

Just so you know:
The end of something can be the start of something new.

Think about it:
The End of a fruit rotting away on a garden's soil can -if watered- give a new plant that would eventually bear new fruits.

Now, think about an End that has a Beginning waiting around the corner, one that can't wait to be a Beginning, what do you call that?
That's a unique chance I say.

So, is it really The End?


I believe that there are several "soul mates" out there for every one of us, they're a bit like Willy Wonka's golden tickets, everybody wants to find one but rare are the ones who find any and rarer are those who really earn them.

I found one, but it was stuck to the chocolate, so I left it in the Sun which will melt away the chocolate and let me earn my golden ticket.

Too much soul talk, now that's another kind of soul, one that is true when you're around.

Drink water.
It's summer.