There's a special sweetness to a day filled with mixed emotions, a "Fattouch-Day*" I call it.
These kind of days happen often to me.

The following is a depiction of a "Fattouch-Day" broken down into milestones each equal to a special emotion that wiped out the one before it.

It goes like that:
> Happy to be alive
> Stressed
> Angered
> Want-to-kill-someone
> Surrendered
> Peaceful
> Surprised
> Excitement
> Reminiscential
> Disappointed
> Chilled
> Amused
> Content
> Blessed
> Surprised *again*
> Lost
> Loving/Sad/Pragmatic
> Shitty
> Pensive
> Hopeful
> Content


Looking back at this particular day made me realise how delicate we are as human beings -sadly not all of us- and how a small action, encounter or word can reshape our mood and day.

Taking all this Fattouch into consideration, I declare that I want to make this doomed world a better one, no matter how insignificant the effect, one act of kindness at a time.

It's hot inside-out.
Drink water.

* Fattouch is a traditional Lebanese salad consisting of lots of ingredients mixed together thoroughly with pomegranate molasses sauce topped with fried bread.