Goodness On The Spot

I was coming back home the other day by car.
On one of bridges that I took, stood an old man with some bags, waving to the passerby, wishing someone would give him a lift.
He seemed really helpless.

Although I saw him from afar,
it took me 3 seconds to realize that I wanted to give him a lift,
but it was too late, since I was in the fast lane.

I decided to make a u-turn and pick him up.
While doing this action (that took nearly 30 seconds),
I thought of how I might have missed my chance in doing a good deed
and that I will arrive only to see that the man disappeared.

I wasn't wrong.
I arrived just in time to see another guy picking the old man up.
It felt as if we were racing for doing the good deed, it made me smile.
Never think a good action twice.
If you feel it, do it on the spot or else you will lose your chance.