I know there has been songs, movies, plays and even brands based on it.

'd like to share this:

You need something urgently.
But, it's in your brother/sister's room.
Your brother/sister's sleeping and you don't want to wake him/her up.
You enter the room trying your best not to make any sound.

Everything you touch, or even look at, creaks and squeaks.



Yes, irony.

So you end up with your eyes closed and walk back towards the door
in order to minimize the damage but Irony continues its game:
you trip on a shoe,
fall on something that does a lot of noise,
try to get up, still wanting to keep it low, and hold to something
that eventually is linked to another thing that falls on your head,
you curse silently and
make it to the door.
On the way out, you bump into your brother/sister.


Irony always makes good use of idiocy.