Wrath Hazard/Violent Vision

When you are sitting somewhere public and someone begins talking,
a "Wrath Hazard" takes form... I have experienced it myself last week.

I was sipping my drink when these two loud guys began getting louder.
For a moment I had a vision in my head that had completed the wrath in me:

  1. I finish my drink.
  2. I turn to the guys.
  3. I jump on them taking them to the ground with the stools.
  4. I take the one who is louder by the back of his shirt.
  5. I swing him behind the bar on to the shelves of bottles.
  6. I take a leap behind the bar using the second guy as a support.
  7. I land on the first guy and finish the vision off by shoving his pack of cigarettes in his mouth.

"A violent vision in the 37"

That feels good,