Carpe Diem

There is no higher goal in this ephemeral life than living your humanity.
Living it to the fullest extent, in the smallest details, throughout all your days.

There's no excuse for being inhuman in any way.

What's being human anyway you might ask... well it all starts with any of us having enough heart in us to be compassionate towards others.

We cannot help everyone all the time, we might not cure cancer, we surely will not stop human trafficking, nor will we be able to stop the production of arms or slow down the toxic technological advancement...

But we can smile for that stranger even though he/she is shit incarnated, we can help that woman carry her grocery bags even if we're in a hurry, we surely can pull over and check why that old man looks lost, we can be nice without expecting anything in return, we can love whoever we want and make them know that, we can think about our own comfort just a bit less, we can do lots of little things that will help us get closer to being human.

I am currently a mix of unfolding dreams, sweet chaos, uncertain future and content soul.

I have no idea what tomorrow holds for me, but today I know for sure that I'm gonna "Carpe Diem" in the most human way and though there's a big chance I'm gonna lose again, I am happy to have met you, you who I have not met yet.

You're lost aren't you?