A beating heart engulfed by a complex structure floats in the ocean with a part of a plastic bottle suffocating it.
It needed to release some if its confined secrets and burdens in order to get rid of that alien body suffocating it.

"I can be an egocentric fool at the worst times and lose a lot for that."

"I'm tired of trying to be a warrior of Light in this darkness that is getting larger every day."
It felt good to release some of that pressure...

Then came the long sentence:
"Nothing seems fair in this ephemeral life and I believe that no matter how hard we try we will never be perfect or get near being or living perfect with all that shit that surrounds us and that grows more eccentric and varied each day leaving us in a state of inner and outer chaos and numbing our brains with sounds of fake promises and surreal dreams as our life passes and time consumes us with tender violence melting our stressed and suffering souls slowly."
That felt so good...

Then came the longer sentence:
"The irony of doing your best while wanting the best thinking you've finally got on track as you suddenly get rammed off track by the gentle loving smile that says no as it goes into another direction and as time passes a day a week a month and you're just laying there next to the track still trying to figure out what happened the thought that what goes around comes around passes and you feel the weight of your past experiences that rammed some persons' lives off their respective tracks sometime in the past crushing you to near suffocation before letting you go and leaving only the thought of that gentle face that is no more that might never be again and be left there asking what if while massive movement takes place in the corners of memories that will mutate with the years' passing by leaving only the essence of joy from stolen moments of the happy orchards that are sprinkled left and right on the long road of life and as you stand up again you feel older wiser more serene although a part of you got broken just like many parts in the past but you know that this is only another one of those essential parts of life that make your very existence unique."

The heart shrank a bit loosening up the alien body suffocating it.
As it wriggled to set itself free, the heart released a final sentence that would set it free to roam the ocean without suffocating:
"I know now that your presence breathed a new life in me and I feel hollow without it just like a nutshell without its nutte."

The plastic part slides away from the heart that has a whole ocean to roam in even with its missing parts.
There was surrender.
There was pain.
There was hope.
Then, silence.