I just snapped yesterday while reading an online pdf file
concerning the "photo recommendations" of the UK embassy.

They do not permit you to:
wear glasses,
open your mouth,
be too close to the cam,
be too far to the cam, etc...

The verb "permit" just made me snap.
I remember the two times I had to wait
like a fucking-sheep-waiting-to-get-a-shave
in the embassy premises for like 4-5 hours
in order to be asked: "... are you a terrorist?".

I would like to express my feelings towards what is cited above & more:
(Please stop reading this post if you would be offended by my vulgar language.
"Your" in the following refers to any of you, part of "greater" countries,
blind believers in stinking systems & carriers of ego-related diseases.)

I would put the following:

1. The UK, and all those fucking "Advanced" countries along
with your visas, your stereotypes and your fucking over-protective
systems that keep failing decade after decade.

2. Your leaders, with their ego, their greed for power,
their short-sighted visions & their fucking technologically advanced armies.

3. Your "culture" that has infested our heritage & keeps degrading
our standards for a proper living under the slogan of:
"aww we want to help you advance!"

4. Your bullshit talk about "freedom, equality, prosperity"
as slogans while you throw any surplus of production you
have because you fear on the "Economy".

5. myself, my lifestyle and the established communication system
(with all its languages, dialects, scripts, media, mediums, technology, etc).

In a big pile of hot dog shit, leave it to dry in the sun,
then place it in a concealed barrel, tie it to a spaceship
that will eventually explode during a failure to launch.

Pressure released... a bit.

P.S.: I meant in no way to demean the people of any country,
I just am sick of all these systems that are making our life
on this earth more complex by the minute.


On some other level:
I would give anything to live in some quiet land, with animals for friends, fruit trees and vegetables for advisers and a TV set for an enemy.